Multifunction Devices


Target Scope

Multifunction devices, which are devices comprising one or more function(s) of printing, facsimile or scanning in addition to a copying function and devices comprising one or more function(s) of copying, facsimile or scanning functions in addition to a printing function (limited to dry process, indirect electrostatic machines), except the following:

1) ones capable of output onto A2 or larger paper,

2) ones which are not structured with a rated input voltage of 100 V,

3) ones which are structured without a copyholder,

4) monochrome multifunction devices which are structured to be capable of copying or printing 86 sheets or more per minute.

5) color multifunction devices which are structured to be capable of copying or printing 61 monochrome sheets or more per minute,

6) ones which are not structured to be capable of copying or printing 13 sheets or more per minute in monochrome,

7) non-digital ones, or

8) ones with built-in digital front ends for multifunction devices, which are computers designed for multifunction devices and used solely for enhanced image processing.


Energy Consumption Efficiency

Energy consumption efficiency shall be expressed as annual energy consumption (kWh/year) obtained from energy consumption per week (Wh/week).


Categories & Target Standard Values

In the target fiscal year and each subsequent fiscal year, for each category, the weighted average value obtained by weighting energy consumption with shipment volume shall not be above the target standard value which is a weighted average value obtained by weighting standard energy consumption efficiency*1with shipment volume.

*1: Values obtained from the standard energy consumption efficiency calculation formulas and rounded to the nearest integers.

CategoryStandard energy consumption efficiency calculation formula
Category nameColor copying or color printingfunctionCopying or printing speed
aYLess than 43 sheets per minuteEK=2.17X+125
b43 sheets or more per minuteEK=8.48X-140
cNLess than 50 sheets per minuteEK=4.86X-30
d50 sheets or more per minuteEK=8.72X-223
  1. “Copying or printing speed” refers to the number of plain A4 paper sheets copied or printed per minute consecutively in monochrome.
  2. EK and X indicates the following numeric values:
    EK: Standard energy consumption efficiency (unit: kWh/year)
    X : Copying or printing speed (where the value of the lower limit is used for machines with a copying or printing speed below the lower limit).
      Lower limit: Category c: 22 ipm (unit: minutes per image)


Target Fiscal Year

FY2017 and each subsequent fiscal year


Energy Efficiency Improvement

Energy consumption efficiency is expected to be improved by about 46.8% compared with the FY2007 level in the target year (FY2017).


Display Items

●Product name and type

●Category name

●Copying or printing speed

●Energy consumption efficiency

●Name of manufacturer, etc.


Display Location

Display items shall be presented at locations where they can be readily noticed in catalogs showing performance indications and in instruction manuals.


Requirement for Recommendations and Orders

Manufacturers or importers whose annual manufacturing volume or importing volume (limited to shipment to the domestic market) is 500 units or more may be subject to recommendations and orders.