Electric Toilet Seats


Target Scope

Warm-water-shower toilet seats and warm toilet seats, except the followings:

1) ones using warm water supplied from other hot-water supply equipment (centralized hot-water supply system),

2) ones equipped with a warm-water-shower function only,

3) ones which are portable and intended to be installed for caring use, or

4) ones intended to be exclusively installed on railway cars.


Energy Consumption Efficiency

Energy consumption efficiency shall be annual energy consumption (kWh/year).


Categories & Target Standard Values

In the target fiscal year and each subsequent fiscal year, for each category, the weighted average value obtained by weighting energy consumption efficiency with shipment volume shall not be above the target standard value which is a weighted average value obtained by weighting standard energy consumption efficiency with shipment volume.

Category Standard energy consumption efficiency
Availability of shower function Availability of warm-water tank Category name
Warm toilet seat
(without shower function)
A 141
Warm-water-shower toilet seat
(with shower function)
Warm-water storage type
(with warm-water tank)
B 183
Instantaneous type
(without warm-water tank)
C 135


Target Fiscal Year

FY2012 and each subsequent fiscal year


Energy Efficiency Improvement

For electric toilet seats whose target fiscal year was FY2012, energy consumption efficiency was improved by about 18.8% compared with the FY2006 level in the target fiscal year (FY2012).


Display Items

●Product name and type


●Energy consumption efficiency (annual energy consumption)
Annual energy consumption without using power-saving functions shall be displayed in parenthesis, and explanatory note shall also be appended.

●Name of manufacturer, etc.


Display Location

Display items shall be presented at locations where they can be readily noticed in catalogs showing performance indications and in instruction manuals.


Requirement for Recommendations and Orders

Manufacturers or importers whose annual manufacturing volume or importing volume (limited to shipment to the domestic market) is 2,000 units or more may be subject to recommendations and orders.