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Five Country Energy Ministers Meeting ,G8 Energy Ministerial Meeting and G8,China,India and Korea Energy Ministerial Meeting

June 7,8, 2008

1. Venue

Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

2. Date

June 7 (Sat) - 8 (Sun), 2008

3. Participating Countries

[Five-Country Energy Ministers Meeting] (June 7, afternoon)
China, India, Japan, Korea and the Unites States
[G8 + China, India and Korea Energy Ministers Meeting] (June 8)
G8 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States)
China, India, and Korea

4. Outline of the Meetings

Following the first Five-Country Energy Ministers Meeting held in December 2006 (in Beijing), Japan offered to host the second meeting. Noting the recent steep rise in crude oil prices, the five countries, being major oil consumers, will discuss various issues such as emergency preparedness and the investment climate.

At the G8 Energy Ministers Meeting, the participants will discuss the issue of energy security, including an energy dimension of climate change. As climate change issue will be one of the major topics on the agenda for the Hokkaido Toyako Summit, they will intensively discuss energy policy measures to simultaneously address energy security and climate change such as promotion of energy efficiency, the introduction of cleaner energy resources, and the development of innovative energy technologies as inputs to the Summit meeting. Given their increasing role in the international energy market, China, India and Korea, which will participate in the Five-Country Energy Ministers Meeting are also invited to join in most of the sessions.

5. Aomori Declarations

Contact Information

Persons in charge: Mr.Masunaga
Energy Ministers Meeting 2008 Office
Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
TEL: 03-3580-4608 (direct)
FAX: 03-3580-8575

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