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Energy Market Reform in Japan

We create a new comprehensive and competitive energy market in Japan, by removing barriers in vertically integrated market. We aim to accomplish the following two goals:

1) Driving growth in Japan

Nurture dynamic innovation including combination of different services and development of revolutionary industrial technology

2) Enhancing consumer benefits

Enhance benefits for consumers including an expansion of energy choices, keeping energy prices to a minimum, ensuring a stable supply of energy, and securing overall safety.

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Electricity Market Reform Goals

1) Secure the Stable Supply of electricity

Establish reliable electricity system without relying on planned outages, by promoting i) cross-regional transmission of electricity, ii) effective use of the variety of generation resouces including renewables and in-house power genations, and iii) reasonable power-saving measures such as demand response.

Gas Market Reform Goals

1) Secure the Stable Supply of Natural Gas

Stabilize the natural gas supply, including the reinforcement of supply during disasters, through increasing gas pipeline networks, maintenance, and interconnection.

2) Suppress Electricity Rates to the maximum extent possible

Promote market competition to encourage creativity and management efforts among energy-producing and selling companies.

2) Suppress Gas Rates to the maximum extent possible

Promote market competition among natural gas procurement and retail services to suppress gas rates to the fullest extent possible and improve lifestyle of citizens.

3) Expand Electricity Choices for Consumers and Business Opportunities

–Develop innovation and business opportunities for companies, by introducing full retail choices for all electricity consumers – including both households and corporations.

3) Expand Gas Choice for Consumers and Business Opportunities

Bring about innovation through the new market entry from other industries and business expansion of gas companies to other areas, by offering greater diversity of retail choices of gas companies and pricing plans for gas consumers,


4) Expand Uses for Natural Gas

Promote the participation of businesses that can build new gas-pipeline, offer services that uncover potential needs for gas, and propose new utilization methods for natural gas such as fuel cells and cogeneration.

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